Equilibrium Global (EqG) is a company specialising in strategic counsel, processes and outcomes.

London-based and globally-focused, EqG brings together the experience, authority and collective wisdom of established international leaders, with unrivalled reputations for insight, vision and integrity.

Employing tailored methodologies, EqG’s counsel assists in developing desired results across the full range of a client’s opportunities and issues.

Through dialogue, the creation of shared understanding and the promotion of identified synergies, EqG ensures that a synthesised, coherent and, above all, strategic outcome is achieved for its clients.

From its standing associates, EqG can draw upon a range of international leaders to provide strategic counsel, including:

Former Prime Ministers and Heads of Government
Former Central Bank Governors and Deputy Governors
Former Senior Ministers, including former Foreign Secretaries
Former Chiefs of Defence Staff
A former Secretary-General of NATO
Chairs and CEOs of Multinational Corporations
Former Chief Police Officers
A former Lord Chief Justice
Bankers, economists and educationalists
Global Policy Makers and Communication Professionals