EqG is a UK-based geo-strategic advisory company. Established to help governments meet the challenges of the modern world, EqG brings together international leaders and experts of unparalleled authority and experience principally through the creation of International Advisory Boards (IABs) and International Defence and Security Advisory Boards (IDSABs).

IABs are composed of statesmen and leaders from the world of international politics, industry and commerce, defence and security. We have selected this distinguished group for their unique experience, networks and insight, and proven record of success. Working as teams, IAB members provide analysis and recommendations across a range of strategic issues.

Our IAB members not only add value within their fields of expertise, but also generate a vision across the enterprise.  Examples of Board delivery to government clients  include advice on economic diversification, industrial modernization, national legislation and policing, internal and external communications, and managing international relationships.

We also provide IDSABs made up of senior civilian, military and police leaders.  Our IDSABs assist governments in developing defence and security strategies tailored to the threats faced by their countries.  IAB and IDSAB members are also able to advise as individuals or smaller groups within their fields of expertise.

Our IAB and IDSAB members include:

Former Prime Ministers and Heads of Government
Former Chiefs of the Defence Staff
Former Governor of the Bank of England
Former Senior Ministers, including a Former Foreign Secretary
Former Secretary-General of NATO
Chairmen and CEOs of Multinational Corporations
Former Chief Police Officers
Former Lord Chief Justice
Global Policy Makers and Communication Professionals

IAB and IDSAB members, supported by highly qualified and experienced individuals, also offer discreet, long-term advice and support on the implementation of ministerial programmes. Examples of this work include:

  • Strategic analysis of national sectors including fiscal policy, primary industries, healthcare, education, infrastructure, government delivery operations, and defence and security;
  • Developing roadmaps for regional security initiatives to counter violent extremism;
  • Discrete, non-traditional advice for the defence sector including strategic communications, defence diplomacy and coalition building.